Round 5 is Re-Starting

These are the revised dates for Round 5:

Spring 2021 / Round 5
EOI openFriday 5th March 2021, midnight
EOI closeFriday 19th March 2021, midnight
Full Application closeSaturday 17th April 2021, midnight
Autumn 2021 / Round 6
EOI openSaturday 4th September
EOI closeSaturday 18th September 2021, midnight
Full Application closeSaturday 16th October 2021, midnight

Please check here for more details.

For anyone interested in applying to Round 5, there will be a brief Zoom presentation hosted by Simon Town, followed by an opportunity to ask any questions related to the upcoming grants round.

This Webinar will take place on Monday 1st March 2021, 6pm-7pm.

To sign-up, send an email request to: