In order to be considered for a Grant, your project needs to be aligned with the values described below.

When making an application you need to define the type of your project or describe how your project meets these aims and outcomes.

Our aims

Emergence Foundation wishes to support individuals and organisations who are inspired by a depth of purpose to improve the quality of life of individuals, enhance communities and benefit the environment through educational projects which affect a shift in consciousness or perspective that provides a force for positive change in the world.

All projects must be educational in nature and for public benefit. You can learn more about our aims on our purpose page.

As an applicant you will need to show how your project fits with these aims.


Emergence Foundation intends their funding to:

  1. Enhance beneficiaries’ inner enrichment, sense of meaning and purpose in life: catalysing conscious moral and spiritual development through a heartfelt connection to ‘other(s)’, nature, life, and a motivation to contribute positively to the future
  2. Create/inspire in beneficiaries the qualities of courage, inner strength and a commitment to improving the lives of others
  3. Enable beneficiaries to discover a more holistic, integrated relationship to life; to collaborate with others in order to counter the fragmentation, alienation and partisan attitudes so prevalent
  4. Address the current moral, spiritual, cultural, and/or environmental crises that endanger humanity and all of life, by developing practical, measurable, holistic solutions

As an applicant you will need to say which of these outcomes you will be delivering – at least one – and how.

Please Note: Projects affiliated with or connected to the current teaching work of Andrew Cohen are not eligible for funding. For information on why we have adopted this policy please refer to the background page on our website.