This fund has been set up by the Emergence Foundation in order to support small organisations and individuals to further the Foundation’s objectives. We anticipate distributing small grants in six rounds between 2018 and 2022. On these pages you will find all the information you need to apply for a grant.

Grant Objectives

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The Emergence Foundation wishes this fund to:

  1. Enhance beneficiaries’ inner enrichment, sense of meaning and purpose in life: catalysing conscious moral and spiritual development through a heartfelt connection to ‘other(s)’, nature, life, and a motivation to contribute positively to the future
  2. Create/inspire in beneficiaries the qualities of courage, inner strength, and a commitment to improving the lives of others
  3. Enable beneficiaries to discover a more holistic, integrated relationship to life; to collaborate with others in order to counter the fragmentation, alienation and partisan attitudes that are currently so prevalent
  4. Address the current moral, spiritual, cultural, and /or environmental crises that endanger humanity and all of life, by developing practical, measurable, holistic solutions

Applicants will need to identify and demonstrate/provide evidence of how their project delivers at least one of the above outcomes.

Application Process

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Emergence Foundation has established a 2-stage process for considering applications for funding. Firstly, the submission of an Expression of Interest Form is required. Then, if your submission is eligible, you will be invited to submit a Full Application for the current round. Please note there is a deadline for Expressions of Interest (EOI’s) and a later deadline for the receipt of Full Applications. More information on the details of this process is set out in Information for Applicants.

Grant Application Limit

The amounts of funding you can apply for each year are set out below:

Minimum grantMaximum grant
Individuals£1,000 / pa£10,000 / pa
Organisations / start-ups£5,000 / pa£25,000 / pa

You can apply for projects that last for longer than 12 months and the maximum grant limits can be increased pro rata for the additional months/years.


Dates for 2019/20 are approximate – please check the website nearer the time for specific future opening and closing dates. The dates for the last 3 rounds of our funding (round 4, 5 and 6) running between 2020/21 – 2021/22 will be published nearer the time.

Spring 2019 / Round 2
Open1st March 2019
Expressions of Interest29th March 2019
Full Applications12th April 2019
Fall 2019 / Round 3
Open6th September 2019
Expressions of Interest20th September 2019
Full Applications18th October 2019


If you don’t find the answers you need in this section, our Grant Assessment Team is happy to assist.