COVID-19 Adjustments

In common with all charities and businesses, we have all been adapting to radically altered ways of living and communicating. Many of the projects funded by EF at this time have been and are altering how they will meet their and EF’s aims and remain working at a safe social distance and we have been working with them to support them as they re-configure how they can continue to deliver to meet the needs of their beneficiaries.

If you are a current grantee and encountering any difficulty with your project, please contact us to discuss the issues. (You should already have received direct e-mails from us about COVID-19 implications).

If you are looking for COVID-19 response/emergency funding, Grants Online have published a helpful, free and regularly updated list of funders on their website at

This article was updated on August 28 2020 and references to Round 4 have been removed

Round 4 applications were underway when the UK began to be affected by the virus and EF’s Grant Assessment Team (GAT), together with EF trustees and the Executive Committee, agreed that the applicants from this round needed additional time to re-configure how they would run their project to meet EF’s objectives and in line with European governments’ instructions to keep a social distance.

Therefore the closing date for Round 4 applications will be May 9th and EF looks forward to being able to publish the names and an outline of all successful projects towards the end of July.