Objects & Interpretation of Their Meaning

This document begins with the ‘Objects’ which state the official purpose of the charity as recorded with the Charity Commission. We then give our interpretations of what the Objects mean.

The Objects

The objects for which the Company is established are to advance moral or spiritual welfare or improvement for the benefit of the public in the area of benefit by promoting education concerning spiritual enlightenment and self-realisation including but not limited to education in the teachings of Andrew Cohen* concerning such matters.

Interpretations of the Objects

Spiritual Enlightenment: Is the state of awareness that can be experienced by an individual (or a group), in which awareness itself is understood to be the source of self-nature and not the stream of thoughts and feelings that normally unconsciously perform that function. This shift of identification can change an individual’s view of life: from being problematic to being fundamentally unproblematic; and from being separate to being connected to the positivity and depth inherent in existence.

Our understanding of the nature of Enlightenment also includes the authentic, practical engagement of the individual in the progress of civilization and in the evolution of consciousness itself. Vitally, the authentic vocational desire of the individual in this context is understood to be a direct expression of the ceaseless positivity of the expanding Universe.

Self-realisation: In a developmental spiritual view, is understood to be a stable awareness of profound meaning, purpose and direction within the universe as a whole; and awareness of one’s own role within this limitless process. For an individual this will mean knowing their gifts, and contributing them, in some shape or form, for common benefit. The scope of expression of self-realised individuals will be as vast as their range of talents and interests. The qualities of authentic self-nature can include constant curiosity, energetic engagement, unique creative expression and most of all Love.

Morality: Facilitating and cultivating an understanding of wisdom, rooted in the knowledge of the undivided nature of existence and pursuing what it means to live a moral life through understanding the interrelatedness, effects and consequences of our actions.

Charitable Mission of the Emergence Foundation

The Emergence Foundation wishes to support educational projects and initiatives that promote moral and spiritual welfare and improvement. These educational projects and initiatives should prioritise and celebrate the essential unity and diversity of life, attempting to transform personal, communal, even global ways of functioning and being, in order to develop thriving, fulfilled, spiritually aware and hopeful planetary citizens and communities.

Key Characteristics

The Emergence Foundation believes its mission can be instigated by individuals, enterprises, groups and communities that demonstrate they can facilitate through education the generation of the following values, aspirations and informing capabilities to:

  • Catalyse conscious moral and spiritual development enhancing the inner enrichment and sense of meaning and purpose in life, through a heartfelt connection to others, nature, life and all of existence.
  • Create and inspire in beneficiaries the qualities of courage, inner strength and selfless dedication to improving the lives of others, through engagement with the most uplifting of human qualities, including, but not limited to, open-mindedness, compassion and creativity.
  • Counter the fragmentation and alienation so prevalent in our current societies through enabling beneficiaries to discover a more holistic and integrated relationship to life. A good example might be, but not limited to, projects that attempt to bridge the false dichotomy between meditation and contemplation on one hand, and action/activism on the other.
  • Enable practical, measurable, compassionate action that addresses the moral, spiritual, cultural and environmental crises that humanity and all of life is currently threatened by.

*As our ‘Background’ page makes clear the charity was originally set up inspired by the work of Andrew Cohen. As he is no longer involved we have taken legal advice which has established that mention of his teachings has no bearing on our grant giving.